Cream Gel
Venoplant Crema Gel

Cream Gel

It is a formulation containing active ingredients known for their vasoprotective action, and is effective in fostering a physiological improvement in microcirculatory tropism and the capillary tone in cases of swelling, heaviness, and nocturnal restlessness in the lower limbs.
It contains OLIVOIL GLUTINATE which acts as an emulsifier, and is a non-irritating, non-sensitizing compound that does not damage the skin’s barrier function. This substance, originating from olive oil and wheat proteins, has nourishing, restoring, and soothing properties that give the Venoplant Cream Gel excellent skin tolerability and effective absorption of the active ingredients contained within, while also increasing the elasticity of the skin.
The presence of gluten in products intended for topical use that come in contact with the skin or mucous membranes does not pose any risk to individuals suffering from celiac disease who can, therefore, use the product.
Escin It is the primary component of Horse Chestnut seed which, in many experimental models, has been shown to possess properties capable of reducing symptoms of venous disorders such as heaviness, leg swelling, pain and itching. Centella Asiatica Centella Asiatica is a long known and utilized medicinal plant. It is rich in triterpenes that have a therapeutic effect on venous circulation.
The triterpene portion is composed of substances that are involved in controlling microcirculation, thus participating in the physiological function of draining tissue fluids, whose stagnation causes cellulite, swelling and a sense of heaviness in the lower limbs.
Sweet Clover (Melilotus) The parts of this plant that are used are the blossoms. They contain the active ingredient CUMARIN, which reduces edemas caused by venous insufficiency. Heparin It is a mucopolysaccharide that, when applied topically, can help reduce the formation of hematomas and exudates resulting from trauma or venous circulatory disorders.
Available in 100 ml tube packaging.
Instructions for use
Apply a thin layer of Cream Gel on the affected area one or multiple times a day, as needed.
Massage the area very gently until the Cream Gel has been completely absorbed.