Venoplant Patch


Venoplant Patch is a transdermal patch containing extracts of Horse Chestnut (aescin), Melilotus (coumarin) and Centella (triterpenes). Thanks to its special production technology, the patch gradually releases its active substances, which, in combination, are also a source of relief for tired, heavy legs. Since it also aids the drainage of tissue fluids and a physiological improvement of capillary tone, it helps to fights cellulite beauty problems and skin blemishes. Venoplant Patch helps to support normal microcirculation function
The leading-edge transdermal system uses an innovative polymer film developed to provide specific breathability, which gives the active substances it contains optimal action and penetration.
Horse Chestnut The main functional extract of Horse Chestnuts is aescin, with toning and astringent properties that attenuate sensations such as swelling, fatigue and heaviness of the legs. Multiple experimental models have proven its ability to reduce the permeability of the capillaries, thus reducing the quantities of fluids in the tissues surrounding the small blood vessels. Melilotus The flowering tips of the Melilotus plant contain coumarin, a substance with a toning and astringent action which is totally absorbed by the skin since it is extremely lipophilic. Melilotus is considered a medicinal plant, able to improve tissue oxygenation through its ability to stimulate microcirculation. Centella Asiatica Centella Asiatica is a medicinal plant which has been known and used for a very long time. The triterpene-rich extract obtained from the leaves is particularly indicated as a cosmetic adjuvant for reactivation of the microcirculation helping to ensure the normal drainage of tissue fluids, the retention of which causes swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.
Glycacid Eco Glycacid Eco is a biotechnology product of vegetable origin composed of Hyaluronic Acid and mucopolysaccharide precursors, consisting of hydrolysed glysaminoglycans (GAGs).
Available in minigrip packs of 10 patches
Instructions for use
Apply the patch carefully to the affected area, ensuring that it adheres firmly to the dry, cleansed skin.
Do not apply more than one patch per day, for 8-12 hours.